Saturday, July 14, 2012

Clip It Up Knockoff

It's been a long time. Things have finally started to settle down at work and I can post again... Yay!

Stickers... I am overloaded with stickers. I tend to make everything from scratch, but who can resist when stickers are 40% off at JoAnns/Micheals or 65% at Tuesday Morning?! Not I. Just like all crafters Sale events are my weakness. So what to do with all those dang stickers? I first tried putting them in a three ring binder with sheet protectors and plastic envelopes. This worked well for a while until I evolved into Scrapbooking. Doh! I swear they multiply when I'm sleeping.

Here's a awesome solution that I found on YouTube

From this video I created my own Clip It Up knock off with a couple different tweaks.

The shoe tree can be found at Walmart for about $25 in the laundry area.

After I put it together I bent the wire that holds the shoes outward a little bit. I may or may not cut them off all together but for now they help keep my ink pads from flying off if I do a mad spin. A nice feature is that the Inkssentials Blending Tool fits between the shoe spokes.

 In addition to bending the spokes I added a cardboard circle ~10in diameter to the shoe basket as a base. Plastic plant trays will work as well.

I bought my clips from Ikea for $2.99 (package of 24). They come with an extra wire hanger that I used separately. So essentially you can get 48 little hangers! I'm currently using about 4 packages worth of clips.

Clips on the right.  Wire hangers on the left
 As a side note Walmart also sells a floor to ceiling shoe rack for $48. I believe you can only buy it online. I maybe upgrading soon :) Happy sticker hunting!


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